Lilly's Lope For Hope
is a 5k run and 1k walk in honor of Lilly Stagner.

Online registration is now closed.
You can register in person on the race day, starting at 8:45 am.

Same-day registration is $35.
We will accept cash and check.
Thank you everyone!

All proceeds go to
"Lilly's Grant for Guidance,"
a fund in place to further suicide education in our schools, and counseling assistance for children within the the Philomath School District.

Saturday, October 14th.
Race begins at 10am.
City Park, 299 S 23rd St.
Parking, PHS, 2054 Applegate St.

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for printable fliers

Click here for a map of the race

Be joyful in hope,
patient in affliction,
and faithful in prayer.
Romans 12:12

My niece, Lilly Stagner, was a young lady with dreams, goals, and accomplishments.

She was beautiful, artistic, and a friend to many.

She committed suicide on October 23, 2013.

Having a close family member or a friend commit suicide is almost indescribable. The questions and guilt that haunts your thoughts is unbearable. What did we miss? Why? Did she know how much she was loved? Suicide affects so many people-not just the child's family, but friends, teachers, community starts a ripple effect.

Although suicide is incredibly difficult to discuss, it needs to be talked about. Our goal, as a family, by doing this run is to bring awareness to a very real problem. There have been 5 more teen suicides in the valley since October. The money raised will be placed into an account for the Philomath School District. It's sole purpose will be to provide families a financial support if their children are in need of counseling. Counseling is expensive. Even if you have insurance, sometimes it is hard to find a counselor available that takes your insurance and the copays can be outrageous. As a family, do not want any child to go without help if they need it.

The message my family would desperately like to have heard is HOPE. We are Christians. Lilly also was a Christian. And though we are not promised a life without trials, we are promised that God will be right beside us through all of them. I will only speak for myself-I have never felt the power of God more clearly than I have the last six months. There has truly been a sense of grace given to us in our darkest hours, and a sense of hope has grown with the planning of this and future runs. I, personally, would love to see the other towns nearby put on their own runs next year, and raise money for their school districts.

Lilly was an amazing artist, even teaching 6th graders art while she was a freshman. The intense beauty in the sunrises I have seen since her death have brought me joy. She is painting in heaven, I am sure of it. Lilly would be so proud to see that her life didn't end on that October day but that instead we are turning a tragedy into something more. We want to bring hope to others.